Born in Rome, Francesca started to write short stories and poems since her teenage years. At age 11 she asked her parents to buy her a guitar and not too long after she received it as a gift that she started to write her own melodies and lyrics. Since then, she never stopped. 

Her early song writing has been mainly influenced by the Italian melodic sound, as she lived in Italy until her early 20s. She then moved to New York to be exposed to a larger music scene, and it was during her years in New York City that she naturally gravitated to the underground rock scene and subsequently evolved her sound to what she calls Melodic Rock.   

She formed a band, Francesca Love & The Beating Hearts, and has been performing her original songs live in numerous iconic venues for original music including Tobacco Roads, Piano’s, Earlene’s Grocery, the Bitter End, The Shrine, The Side Walk Café, Desmond’s Tavern, and Klub 45, among others.

She has often declared favoring live performances over studio recording as she believes that singing directly to her fans conveys a more connecting experience for both; she is however working on her well overdue first EP to be released soon.